About RS Armament

In late 2018, RS Armament was incorporated to employ our experience in mechanical engineering, precision machining and gunsmithing to satisfy our own thirst for excellence in every detail.
Powerful machining capabilities on state-of-the-art 5-axis milling centers facilitate the production of high-precision parts to satisfy the demands of our discerning customers. Carefully selected alloys, manufacturing processes and surface finishing technologies paired with strict quality control ensure consistently superb products.

Our devotion towards proven Swiss values is non-negotiable. We are proud to say that every single one of our products is engineered, machined and finished in Switzerland.

Starting with the production of the highest quality match grade slides and barrels for Glock™ pistols RS Armament has set their sights on becoming the manufacturer of everyone’s dream gun.
Buckle up and follow us along our way to the top!